Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Andelyns Visit

This past weekend our lovely, precious princess, Andelyn came to visit! On Wednesday me and mom flew to California, and Mekenna (Andelyns mother) met us at the LAX airport and then we took Andelyn and got right back on the plane and came back to Utah! It was such a blast having her here! Andelyns daddy then drove from Vegas after his show to orem and got here around 5 in the morning to be with his little girl! She brought so much light and happiness into our home while she was here and we didn't want to have to take her back to California, but we had to :( While she was here me and Jaymz (Her daddy) Went and bought her a NEW CAR SEAT! a big girl car seat, which she loves! It was fun shopping for her new car seat because she is getting so big it's about time she get a car seat that will fit her! Its crazy how much she's grown up since the last time i saw her (Graduation) She's talking, and everything! We all love and miss her so much and looking forward to seeing her again VERY SOON! We love you Andelyn and Jaymz!

Andelyn Crawling Around at the Airport

One of Andelyns new faces! :) Just waiting at the airport!

Andelyn talking to the flight attendants on our way home (They adored her)

Car seat shoppin, haha! Found a hat and put it on her, she's goin gangsta right here!

Andelyns last morning, 7:00 in the morning :( Tired little girl but had to go home!