Tuesday, October 21, 2008

October Birthdays!

Sunday was the last day of the weekend :( But it was such an amazing weekend spending it with the family! Sunday night we had a birthday party for all the October Birthdays, Dad, Mom and Jojo! It was extra special because as we know we hardly ever get to see Andelyn and she flew in yesterday afternoon so she is here with us now!! :) Yesterday was the FIRST time in a VERY Long time our WHOLE entire family was together not missing ONE person! So here are a few pictures from last night! Haha the video of Cy and Andelyn is so cute but comes to find out Andelyn is a Biter, that's what takes place at the end of the video, Andleyn bit Cys chin.
UMA! Cousinly Love!
Sideways, but it wouldn't switch for some reason? Birthday Ones!
Me and the Birthday Boys! :)
Andelyn and Papa
They thought Nana was a Horsie!

J's Halloween Party!

Saturday Me, Loni, Cy, Laurel and Lin went to Jamis Halloween party that she was having for a bunch of the little kids! It was so fun being there with the sisters and having a blast! We all dressed up and looked very cute as well as everyone else there at the party, we played some games, had treats (of course) and there was a freakin amazing magician there that did some pretty awesome magic! It was a fun night and i'm glad we made it home safely :) Thanks J for all your hard work you put into the party!
Loni and Jami (Willy and Spiderella)
All dressed up

The Magic Show

At Wingers after the party! Our Little Man with his Whip Cream Stache!

Willy Wonka and her Oompa Loompa

Cy: Oompa Loompa


Cutest Oompa Loompa i've ever seen!

Lindsay: BatWoman
Laur: Cat

Loni: Willy Wonka

Lachelle: Witch


Okay this past weekend was such a fun weekend spending it with the family and Sisters! Friday night we went out for Jojos brithday which was the 17th, but also sang to mom and dad because moms was the 14th and dads was the 19th so their all the October birthdays! Friday a few of us went to PF Changs for a little casual dinner! It was very fun and here are some fun pictures that were on my camera! Happy Birthday Mom, Dad, and Jojo! We love you all! (Were missing Jaymz, Jon and Laur this night)

The Birthday Ones

Grandma and Jojo

Collin and Loni

The Haywards and Birthday boy! (haha of course Cys picking his nose!)haha!

They love their Papa!

Cy was lovin the "Howsies" outside of PF Changs

The girls, missing Lin and Laur

Me and Loni!

All the Sisters with The Birthday Boy! Missing Laur :(