Wednesday, December 3, 2008


So for the past couple of months i've been thinking about getting a laptop for school, because starting January 19th i'll be going to school at UVU, and you can never go wrong getting a laptop. So I now own this cute little MAC Laptop!! And I feel GREAAAT about it! :) Lets all welcome Lachelle's New Laptop ;) I'm so very excited about it!!

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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

It's Mom and Dads Anniversary today!! Dont know how many years but Loni made this really cute slideshow of them for their anniversary and she's always been AMAZING at making cutes slideshows that make me cry! And gotta brag about mom and dad...

Dad: Never yells or gets mad, such a tender heart, he's such a perfect example of a selfless person,and such an amazing Papa to his grandchildren!

Mom: Such a sweetheart! Always there no matter what it is for me! ALWAYS at anything to support her children or grandchildren! Also an amazing Nana to the kids! I could go on forever about mom and dad! Mom and Dad are both such great examples to me and our family!! I love you Mom and Dad! Happy Anniversary!

PS: Mom and Dad are going to HAWAII and get to spend some alone time there! What a nice getaway!
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Monday, December 1, 2008


HAHA!! oh man, i'm laughing out loud right now just thinking of how horrible of a blogger I am!! I'm going to get better, I really am, it's just hard when the only computer you really have to use is at work and your computer at home I never want to get on because i'm on a computer ALL DAY at work!! So...... I'm planning on getting a laptop for school and once I get that my blogging skills will go up! :) HOPEFULLY! I feel like a busy girl, but i'm going to get better at this! i'll put a new post of my crazy out of control, lazy weekend and post picutres later! :) Love you all!!