Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Missing my Cy like crazy

So I haven't given picutres on what's been going on with Cy. The doctors won't release him yet so he's still in the children's hospital in Hawaii with fevers on and off :( I miss that kid so much I cry! I miss Loni and Collin too! They all just need to come home :( The grandparents have been awesome though. Mom was out there for about a week with them at the hospital, and then when she came home Connie (Collins mom) Went out there and was with them for about 4 days then she left and then Dad went to be with them and is there right now! I'm so thankful that mom dad and Connie have been able to fly out there at different times for moral support and so that Loni and Collin can relax some even though it's hard to. Here are some pictures of Cy, the ones of him walking are the best because after not walking for a week when they got him up to walk he said to Loni "mommy, my legs don't wort" HAHA He is so sweet!! So the next day they had a physical therapist come in help him get walking again so now his "legs wort" haha! He is the sweetest thing and is being so strong and has the sweetest spirit, the nurses just Love him. He's so polite, everytime the nurses come in and do some stuff to him he always says "Thank you" Please keep Loni, Collin and Cy in your prayers. And for those of you who have already had them in your prayers and thoughts thank you! Loni and Collin are very thankful! I love and miss them so much and hope they get to come home sooner than later!
Singing to the TV

Look at that sweet face
Holding his Blue

Finally got to eat: This is Friday June 5
Loni FINALLY got to hold her Cy this was also Friday :( I cried when she sent me this picture

Nama and Mommy walking with Cy
Papa, Mommy and Cy. Look how cute he is!!

Cy and Papa playing with his soccer ball!

Friday, June 5, 2009

My Sick Baby :(

Ohhhh where do I start? This has been a pretty tuff week!... Loni Collin and Cy left to Hawaii Saturday morning, Sunday night cy was very sick so they had to take him to the ER in Kauai'i he had a bad fever and was having struggles breathing. The doctors there diagnosed him with pneumonia, so they gave him some antibiotics to take to help him breathe better and feel better. Cy was strong and was himself for a day or 2 then Tuesday night he was having really bad breathing so they took him back into the hospital in Kauai'i, the nurses there said there isn't anymore they can do for him so they had to airlift Cy to the Childrens hospital on Oahu to get him stronger medication and Cy would get better care over there, and only one of Collin and Loni could go with him because the jet wasn't big enough for the both of them so Loni went with Cy by herself and Collin flew to Oahu the next morning to be with them, that would have been so hard for me. Wednesday they found out Cy was going to have to have surgery to drain all the liquid that was in his lungs and attacking his poor little lungs. So Wednesday Cy had his surgery and it was a great success, he's breathing better and can talk now but is still constantly coughing :( He's been such a brave boy and i'm so proud of him!! The nurses said they can't believe how good he is! He doesn't pull at any of the many tubes hooked to his body and doesn't try to take out any of the 3 IVs he has in him! He just lays there and watches TV and smiles and is just such a good boy!! Loni Collin and Cy have all been soldiers through all of this especially with loni being over 5 months pregnant, I miss them so much and wish they could come home but the nurses said Cy isn't allowed to travel home until he is FULLY RECOVERED! :( And were not positive when that will be. This has been so hard being away from him while he's been going through this because I love him like my own, he's my little boy!! So everyone just please pray for Loni Collin and Cy! :) Were so happy he's improving right now. Here are a lot of pictures of Cy throughout his sickness, when Loni sent me these they just broke my heart and I was in tears, he's the sweetest thing ever!

First trip to the hospital: Sunday Night
Monday or Tuesday, not sure which day they thought he was okay
But he wasn't :( Tuesday night before getting airlifted to Oahu

His carseat had to be strapped to the stretchboard :( He's so sweet!

Getting put into the jet to go to Oahu

On the jet to Oahu :( He's such a good boy! This is a heartbreaking picture :(
Arriving in Oahu at the Childrens Hospital

After his surgery trying to say "Cheese" For mommy

He says "Look at my fingo"

Laying there being a good boy watching TV!