Thursday, April 16, 2009

Eternal Happiness

One of my friends wrote me an amazing thing on eternal happiness next to current happiness and current pleasures. I feel that this was so cool/amazing that at that time I heard this because I think that we all concentrate so much and too much on our current pleasures when really what matter is to focus on our eternal goals and prepare for those rather than focusing too much on our current happines/pleasures. I can say that myself, am the worst at this, I catch myself focusing and concentrating on things that will make me happy at that certain second and time but it really does no good for me in my eternal goals catagory, which i'm going to get better at :) love you all and hope you learn as much out of this as I did!

"Images of future pleaseures have to be repeadetly refreshed in ones's mind in order to compete with current pleasures"

"-There stands two sides, eternal and current pleasures. Fulfilling eternal pleasures will get us that much closer to where we want to be in an eternal perspective, which grant us true happiness. On the other hand, putting those aside for our current pleasures give us but little happiness. Happiness that won't last forever. It also eliminates those eternal goals from being within our reach, leaving us without any knowledge of when we'll have access to them again. Now, even out the pros and cons and have assurance of what you want. Choose wisely what we truely want out of life, reevaluate ourselves. For the true promises lay within the life to come. Let us strive to gain eternal life, to be exhalted, a chance to be with him again, a life we've always wanted."

-Anon :)