Friday, November 20, 2009

LA & Andelyn

OOOOOOKAAAY.... I've been so bad at keeping my blog updated so the next few posts are probably going to be novels...but here I am:) I'll make a few different posts on a few different updates and what the hecks been going on...

When I was finished working at Vantage at the end of July Mekenna (Andelyns mom) who lives in LA needed more help with Andelyn in LA, so I moved out to LA to nanny Andelyn and lasted hmm.. about... not long lol! Being with Andelyn and spending time with her everyday was amazing but all around I didn't feel like everything was right, it was a good short experience but it was ridiculous how much I missed my family. Yess... You all know how much of a homegirl I am and it's hard for me to be away from home for too long with no family around. While I was there Mekenna bought me a dresser and bed and me and Andelyn shared a room. Andelyn is the sweetest little thing and it was so fun nannying her for the time it lasted, she is growing up way too fast and is the biggest diva with such an attitude that you have to love! Anyway... Mom was out in LA with me helping out a lot with me moving in and everything, it was always so nice to have mom there with me, we went to Target and got me cute bedding and also went grocery shopping, so I was all set and ready to live there... I thought I'd be okay and happy which I was happy but got too homesick and missed Utah too much (Yeah I know, never thought I'd miss Utah). So here are a few of the pics from when I lived in LA :) Enjoy...

Heading to LA (Look at that face!)

LA BREA Apts Tower 47 :)

Andelyns corner

My Corner

Going to visit Nana and Papa in Utah:)

Going to see Daddy in Vegas

Dinner at the Grove

Venice Beach

Miss this Chunky Monkey!

Grocery Shopping

Watching our Uani