Friday, March 27, 2009


Okay... This is going to be a really long post and also is going to be added onto. But for a preview tomorrow is LouLoni Tuaileva Haywards Birthday and she will be turning 28! She does not look that old AT ALL or act that old. I feel like she's my age! HAHA! (That's a good thing sis) Loni is such a genuine, sweet person and i'm so lucky to have her as MY sister! She's very sensitive to others feelings and is always so happy! There's not a time I can remember where she's been in a bad mood... Maybe ONCE! When she's hungry and tired at the same time... RUN AWAY!! Loni is the best example of a mother! The way she is a mother to Cy is exactly what I hope to be as a mother someday! I love hanging out with Loni, me and her could seriously laugh at ANYTHING and others around us look at us like were stupid which makes us laugh even HARDER! haha! Loni knows my whole life story, I tell her every second of my life and she loves it and listens! This is just the beginning of this post because we haven't even had our party for her which is tomorrow at CHEESECAKE FACTORY! :) So i'll be putting up more pictures of Lonis Birthday celebration! I love you sis! Thanks for being the best friend and sister that you are!
To Be Continued......

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Yes, Hill and I TOOK OFF to Vegas randomly last weekend! HAHA but it turned out a FANTASTIC VACATION!! We had so much fun the short time we were there, we got there early Friday night and got ready and went out to the fountains and met some friends that live there in Vegas at the fountains and then just hung out on the strip and in the amazing BELLAGIO hotel with them, Saturday we got up and went to the pool, the pool at Jaymz place is so warm and was fun to swim and sit in the hot tub, then we went to lunch with Jojo which was so fun being with him and spending time with him because I hardly get to see him, we went to lunch at Caesars Palace and just walked around the little EXPENSIVE shops that none of us could afford anything out of, HAHA, then we went back to Jaymz and sat around and got ready to go to the CHER show Saturday night, after the CHER show we all just hung out at Jaymz place our last night there :( It was so fun having our little Princess Andelyn there at the same time we were there!! So here are some pictures of our ROUND:1 Vegas Trip, there are many more to come. Enjoy the many pictures :)

Paris Hotel

Daddy and Baby

Last night in Vegas :(

Hill and Gent, First night arrived

Caesars palace at lunch with Jojo

First night

My Beautiful AMAZING Fountains of Bellagio

As MANY of you know I LOVE the fountains of Bellagio and could really sit at them from START to END! They are SO PRETTY I cry! Yeah, pathetic, if any of you haven't been to them.... YOU'RE MISSING OUT!!! Vegas is SO EVIL in so many ways but SO BEAUTIFUL in other ways

Haha! Officer Twitchell

First Night in Vegas


Today I met Loni and Cy at Pizza Factory in Lindon for lunch, it was so yummy because I was so hungry.  The only sad thing is they were just coming back from the doctors because Cy is sick :( He has croup, which isn't a surprise because this is like his 3rd time having it, but lunch with them was so fun, Cy is the sweetest most polite little thing ever and I always love being with Loni and Cy! I didn't get any pictures except for our AMAZING dessert that we had after we were already full and about to explode!! Leave it up to me and Loni to ALWAYS have room for dessert! HAHA! There's also a picture of my fat swollen sore feet from being on my feet all day at work today in boots! HAHA! What was I thinking?  Anyway, todays been a pretty good day and i'm in the mood to blog, so just catching everyone up!

Swollen feet after being on them for 3 hours in heels, think i've learned my lesson? :D

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Okay so yes i'm OBSESSED with CHER ever since i've seen her show at CAESARS PALACE in Las Vegas that Jaymz is in. It's absolutely AMAZING!! Her music, her dancing, she just looks great for being 63! All her wigs and costumes are PHENOMINAL! I seriously can't stop listening to her music! I LOVE! So anyway, i've seen her show twice the both times i've been out to visit Jaymz which he also does amazing in the show! There are only 12 dancers and he got picked to be one of those 6 boys out of the 12 dancers to be in her show! Yeah, he's amazing! All us sisters are going this weekend to see it so I get to see it AGAIN! But none of them have seen it so it'll be their first time! I'M WAY EXCITED! Here are some pictures of her and the dances and costumes she wears in her show, i'll post more pictures and will be making another post after our trip this weekend with the sisters!! LOVE YOU ALL! PS: Her music makes me so happy!! Yeah, you laugh but wait until you see her show you will fall inlove with her music!!

If you can see, Jaymz is in the back up top second from left

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

19th Birthday!!

Okay so Loni just made a post about my Birthday so I stole her pictures and am going to make a post about it also! This is way late because my Birthday was February 14th but it was such a good one! I absolutely LOVE my family and have THE BEST family EVER!! It was such a good Birthday being with my faimly and turning 19! Only one year short until I hit the big 20 and am not a teen anymore! AHHH SCARY! Well here are some pictures from my Birthday!! Thanks everyone for all your sweet gifts and love!! Loni is the Birthday cake maker in our family so thanks Loni for baking my favorite cake! :D CONFETTI CAKE!! You're the best! I love you!

My Cy!

Papa and Cy!
Me and My Princess Mya

My present from Loni..... HAHA! Look at Jaces chubby fingers above my head! HAHAHA!
And it's out of the box!


Tasha, our amazing candle lighter

Me and Ash! She's getting so big!