Sunday, December 27, 2009

Vegas Bowl December 2009

Hellloo Errrboody! So the Vegas Bowl was a BLAST! Especially because I got to spend time with Uani. Uani and the team got to Vegas Friday night so he did his thing with his team Friday. Saturday I had to work until about 5:00PM, after I got off work Jhordan and I headed down to Vegas. We tried to get there as quick as we can to spend some time with the boys before they had bedroom check which was at 1:00AM, and we did it! :) We made it there by...around 11:00PM I think it was. We met the boys at The Venetian where they were staying which was a really really nice hotel. It was so good to see Uani:) Always missing him when we're away from each other. So Saturday night we just hung out for a couple hours, Uani and I knew Andelyn was in Vegas at this time and was with Mekennas parents in the Flamingo hotel where they stay, so we walked over there to see Andelyn but she was asleep :( so we just got to stare and uma her! We were then talking to Darla (Mekennas mom) about where me and Jhordan were going to stay, she offered to let us stay in their room because they were leaving out of town for Christmas anyways... What a blessing it was to be able to stay there, we were not even 10 minutes walking distance away from where Uani was staying:) Saturday night we stayed at the Excalibur where Jon and Dad had a hotel room while they've been there working, they were so sweet and got Jhordan and I our own room for Saturday night.

Sunday morning we went to a ward off of Tropicana with Dad, Jon and Jaymz. They had a really good Christmas program organized for that sacrament meeting because it was the Sunday before Christmas, I really enjoyed going to that church and was happy we were able to find a ward to go to close by where we were staying:) after church me, Jhord, Jaymz and Jon went to Blueberry Hill to get some breakfast! After being stuffed from breakfast we went back to the Flamingo and got all settled into Darla and Gregs room after they left town. Dad stayed for all 3 meetings at the church so around 4PM we went back to pick up dad from the church then Dad dropped me and Jhord off at the Flamingo. After Uani and the team were finished picking out gifts Uani made his way over to the Flamingo so we could open presents and have our "early" Christmas together because we weren't going to be able to be with each other on Christmas. Exchanging gifts with him was so exciting and fun :) I got very spoiled! After opening gifts and spending time together he had to be back for bed check by midnight.

Monday Jhord and I just hung out and did our own thing around town until the boys were free. When Uani was done with football he came to the Flamingo and we went to see the beautiful fountains :) (MY FAVORITE!) The fountains are the best at this time of year because they play CHRISTMAS MUSIC!! Which is also my favorite, so I was getting pretty spoiled this night having the fountains going to Christmas music in front of me while I had Uani right next to me. It was fun being with Uani walking the strip looking and enjoying all the beautiful lights and buildings. I'm pretty proud of our picture at the bottom, Uani put the camera on self timer and set it on this pillar thing, and then jumped into the picture with me...Turned out lovely;)

Tuesday was GAME DAY! I got up pretty early and got showered and ready for the game, met up with Mom, Dad and Laurel at one of Mom and Dads friends house in Vegas then all went to the game together. The game was good, we scored in the first quarter then never scored again until the 4th quarter. It was probably the coldest game I have ever been to in my entire life! But it's all worth it when you're watching someone special. I felt bad for the players (Uani). They looked FREEZING! As you can see all of them trying to keep warm on the sideline lol. The first half of the game I was sitting with Jhordan and Uani's family, at half time I went over and sat with Mom and Laur where they were closer. It was SOOOO fun having Mom, Dad and Laurel at the game and being able to spend time with them and sit with them. Never would I have thought I'd get to be at one of Uani's games with them there TOO! LIKE I SAID... I felt pretty spoiled this WHOLE trip... Had my family there, had Uani there and got to go to Uani's game all together and have my family there... Uani played awesome, as always... and so did their whole team! BYU (our roots) won so that wasn't too bad either! After the game Uani went with family to eat then he got to come spend time with me:) I never worry about being with Uani after they lose a game, he always has a good attitude and has never been a sore loser:)

Wednesday morning I got up a little bummed knowing it was my last little bit I got to be with Uani because we were both leaving Vegas Wednesday to travel home. I left the Flamingo, he left The Venetian and we met up and went to breakfast at McDonalds:) After that we went and checked him out of his hotel room. After checking out we met up with his family at the hotel that his parents were staying at, we hung out there for quite a bit and then Jhord and I left and were on our way home back to Utah and Uani and his family left and were on their way to California! I had such a great time on this trip, it seemed like a long time because it was almost 4 days but it went by waaaay too fast! I hope everybody had a safe and joyful holiday! I will be posting on Christmas VERY soon! Ofa Lahi Atu;)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

Alllriiight everybody! Brace yourselves for this post... As you all know from November to New Years is my most FAVORITE time of year! It's the best season! This Thanksgiving was just as special as every other Thanksgiving we have together, even though we didn't have everyone there with us. This year Jaymz had Andelyn for Thanksgiving which we were all so excited about but he ended up staying in Vegas and spending it with Cher and the Cher cast. At first it was upsetting because I was really looking forward to seeing and being with Andelyn during Thanksgiving but I had to come to an understanding that Jaymz has the rest of his life to spend Thanksgivings with us and will not be dancing for Cher for the rest of his life so this was probably a one time thing. We also didn't get to have Jon, Tasha and their family here. Every other year we spend Thanksgiving with moms whole side of the family, and then on the off years everyone spends it with their in laws and other family, so that's what Jon and Tasha did this year, they spent it with Tashas family so we didn't get to see them on Thanksgiving :( I guess we have to give everyone a turn. Uani was also supposed to come to Utah for Thanksgiving but plans changed and he ended up staying in Oregon... I was bummed and missed him but we can't always have things our way:) BUT we got to have Loni, Collin and their family, Leesa, Shane and their family and Aunt Lou was also in town from Arkansas so we also got to have Aunt Lou and Grandma here for dinner! :) We ate an amazing dinner, hung out and visited and were all stuffed as ever!... but not too much later we ATE AGAIN! With Thanksgiving comes Thanks, which I LOVE! There are so many things in my life that I am Thankful for, I'm blessed with so many amazing things and people in my life that I'm Thankful for! I hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving :) Here are a thousand pictures from our Thanksgiving!... Enjoy :)

Happy Thanksgiving from our baby C.C.

Dig in everybody!

Mom and her namesake

Cute dad

The Beautifuls

The women of the house

Lon, C.C. Aunt Lou, Grandma and Ash

Sisters and Mom!

The glue to our family :)

Cute Coles with Laurel

Cy eating with the big boys

Everyone stuffing our faces...YUMM!

His favorite sisters;)

Our little Austie boy and his beautiful eyes!

Checkin out black Friday sales lol..

Our favorite thing to do... Wrestle!

C.C. Standing for Papa

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Allriiight everybody, I know I'm a little late on my posting and am getting horrible at this blogging stuff but I'm trying... don't give up on me! This is Halloween 2009, It was really fun! Got to be with family and my best friend that I hardly ever get to see (HILL). So... Halloween I had to work until about 7:00, right after I got off work I went home, and scrambled to find a costume to wear because not dressing up is boring and I wanted to be fun for all the kids! So I decided to be a FAIRY! I've never been a fairy before so I got my long black sleeved shirt, some black leggings, hills purple wings, and myas tutu that Tasha made and it surprisingly fit me! So after I got all my costume ready we all drove to Leesas to meet all the family there and take
pictures and also to go over to the Haymonds like we do every year for Marys amazing homemade doughnuts! After spending some time with the fam, me and Hill met up and went to "THE LOFT" in provo. We decided to come home and change but decided to go to "THE LOFT" as RISKY BUSINESS... Me and Hill used to be inseparable UNTIL we grew up and she thought she had to leave me and go to St. George and now hardly ever get to see each other so when we get to hang out it's a PAAARTAAY! So all around my Halloween was a very joyful successful one! :) That's all for now!

Sweet hill and chelle;)

Ended up in these... lol!

My favorite part of halloween is seeing these kids dress up :)

Diego Papa and Our Pretty Ladybug

CHEESE! (haha!! Myas smile!)

I still can't remember what you were called Jace lol

Fairy, Nerd, Frankenstein


The cute Tuaileva family all dressed up