Thursday, June 23, 2011


Our new URL is

Monday, June 20, 2011

Going Private/Starting new blog

To whom it may concern, I am going private and also starting a whole new blog so that mine and Uanis URL can be different from when I had my own blog... Also, with just having our beautiful Princess Victoria I'm going private so not everyone, their moms, and dogs can view our family and lives. But if you are interested in still viewing our blog please send your email address to our email address and i'll send you an invite :) Thank you all so much and I'm so excited to start my new blog of our family! :)

Monday, November 22, 2010


My friend Lizzy is a great photographer and is doing a drawing for a free photo shoot session!! Check out her blog! she does some AWESOME work! :) Our little family can't wait to get our pics done by her when we go to Utah to visit!

Thursday, September 23, 2010


We are... HAVING A BABY!! I will be 15 weeks this Saturday! We could not be more excited... sorry it's taken forever to post the news, we've known for a while just haven't gotten the news out! :) Being pregnant is an exciting thing... and yes we were ready to have a baby come to us... Uani is the sweetest husband and will be the best daddy in the whole entire world. He already loves the baby so much! He talks to it (my tummy) everyday :) It's the sweetest thing! I've been sick for the past... 8 weeks or so.. we're hoping i'll start feeling better, which I have been feeling a little better but not back to my 100% feeling self :) lol... We already know it's all worth it though to bring such a special thing into our lives! Every time I see a baby, I just want my own baby in my arms already!! We are so anxious to have this baby in our lives! We don't even know the sex of our baby yet :( It's gone by slow but fast at the same time... Im already at 2 digit weeks!! I'm almost halfway there! :) It's hard being so far away from family while I'm pregnant (especially mom) but it's okay... Uani takes very good care of me when he's home! Anyway, I will try my hardest to keep everyone updated :) We love and miss you all so much and hope everyone is doing well themselves :)

Saturday, May 29, 2010


Thanks everyone for your sweet sweet comments! I wish I had pictures to put up but I'm not even on my own computer, I'm on the hotel computer lol! Anyway, I just want to thank everyone that has been so sweet and making me and Uani feel good with your comments :) We're just still here chillin in Oregon, at the hotel lol! We actually love it here, our first home we call it :) We get our beds made everyday, clean towels brought to us everyday, fresh shampoo and conditioner brought to us everyday, and so on and so forth. Anyway, mom and dad are driving here today!!! WE ARE SO EXCITED!! They left last night and drove to Uncle Jeffs in Idaho, spent the night there and are driving the rest of the way today!! We can not wait for them to get here :) They are coming to bring my car and some loads of clothes and shoes for me :) what kind of parents would just get up and go like that?! Mom and dad really are the best ever!! We got an apt, but we don't get to move into it until June 10th, so we're postin up til then! :) We are so happy to just be together, it hasn't affected us too much that we don't have a place yet! Anyway, I love you all so much and it's so good to hear from everyone that's been commenting, we miss everyone so much already!! I'm so family/baby sick lol! There are no babies around here, well from what I've seen... I miss being with kids! I was used to being with Cy and C.C. everyday whenever I wanted, and I wish I would have taken more advantage of that while I could have! It's okay, we'll start having our own baby's soon! :) Love you all and we'll try and keep you updated as much as possible!

Monday, May 24, 2010


I can't believe we are actually married now! :) We are so happy to be sealed to each other for all time and eternity. Our experience couldn't have been any better! I am proud to now be Mrs. Unga :) I love Uani so much and feel so lucky that I am blessed to have him as my new husband! We don't have any pictures from the wedding yet but I will post them as soon as we get them! We love and thank you all that supported us more than 100%!! We have felt so blessed to have all of you in our lives!! OFA LAHI ATU!

PS: Wish me luck in Oregon! It's gonna be a big change and I'm gonna struggle not having my awesome family close :(

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Okay, me and Uani officially suck at taking pictures but we'll get better :) Uani came to visit me for my Birthday and Valentines Day! He got in Friday night and stayed until Monday night. After he got in Friday night we met up with some of his mission companions at Gateway for dinner, we ate at Costa Vida. It's always fun to meet his mission companions after hearing different stories about them. Dinner was fun and Uani was happy he got to see them for a little bit. After dinner we drove home to relax and hang out with Loni, Collin and the kids before they all went to bed. We stayed up pretty late talking with Loni and Collin then went to bed :)

Saturday morning we got up and met dad at Golds Gym to play racquetball, it was Uani's first time so we were pretty pumped. Of course, dad beat us everytime but for how athletic Uani is he caught on very quickly, and of course beat me, lol. After racquetball we went back home, showered and just hung out with the fam. Jojo came over and cooked us french toast, so we got spoiled with a yummy breakfast! Around 7:00 we decided to try and catch a 7:25 movie, we wanted to go see Dear John but it was sold out so we settled for Valentines Day. We liked Valentines Day but it wasn't as good as we expected, but we're glad we saw it! :) After the movie, went home, went to bed :)

Sunday we planned on getting up and going to the Lehi Tongan ward, but that didn't work out too well :| So we pretty much just lounged around all day which was my Birthday and Valentines day! :) I couldn't ask for anything more than being with Uani on my Birthday/Valentines Day! Mom and Dad came over to visit for a little bit on their way home from Salt Lake, it was fun hanging out with them and seeing them! Later Sunday night we decided we wanted to go try and catch a movie. We went and got something to eat then headed to see Dear John. Dear John also wasn't much of a catch as we thought it'd be lol... but were happy we saw it :) After the movie we came back home and went to bed :)

Monday we tried to get as much done as we needed to before Uani had to leave :( we got up and Uani said bye to Collin and the kids then we went to say bye to Loni at Vantage cause she had to work, after saying bye to Loni and visiting with her we went to the mall to exchange his DC shoes that I got too small for him, after the mall we went to In-N-Out to eat some lunch. After stuffing ourselves at In-N-Out we went to mom and dads and hung out there for a while and waited for mom to get home so Uani could say bye to Mom and Dad. Dad never came home so Uani never got to say bye to dad but got to say bye to mom. When we left mom and dads we stopped at Pizza Factory so Uani could get his favorite dessert ever (thanks to me and loni introducing it to him :) ) The never on sunday! So we went to Pizza factory, ate a little then got our lovely dessert :) After Pizza Factory we still had quite a while before we had to be to the airport so we drove to Mt. Timpanogos temple and hung out there for a bit, and attempted to take some pictures lol... when it was time, we went to the airport and still got there a little early so got to hang out for a little while before he had to leave :( My weekend was all around amazing being with Uani! I'm glad he got to come out and be with me over my birthday and Valentines Day, he made me feel very special, especially when he sacrificed a lot in Oregon to come be with me! I hope you all had yourselves a wonderful Valentines day also with the one you love!