Saturday, May 29, 2010


Thanks everyone for your sweet sweet comments! I wish I had pictures to put up but I'm not even on my own computer, I'm on the hotel computer lol! Anyway, I just want to thank everyone that has been so sweet and making me and Uani feel good with your comments :) We're just still here chillin in Oregon, at the hotel lol! We actually love it here, our first home we call it :) We get our beds made everyday, clean towels brought to us everyday, fresh shampoo and conditioner brought to us everyday, and so on and so forth. Anyway, mom and dad are driving here today!!! WE ARE SO EXCITED!! They left last night and drove to Uncle Jeffs in Idaho, spent the night there and are driving the rest of the way today!! We can not wait for them to get here :) They are coming to bring my car and some loads of clothes and shoes for me :) what kind of parents would just get up and go like that?! Mom and dad really are the best ever!! We got an apt, but we don't get to move into it until June 10th, so we're postin up til then! :) We are so happy to just be together, it hasn't affected us too much that we don't have a place yet! Anyway, I love you all so much and it's so good to hear from everyone that's been commenting, we miss everyone so much already!! I'm so family/baby sick lol! There are no babies around here, well from what I've seen... I miss being with kids! I was used to being with Cy and C.C. everyday whenever I wanted, and I wish I would have taken more advantage of that while I could have! It's okay, we'll start having our own baby's soon! :) Love you all and we'll try and keep you updated as much as possible!


Jami said...

Chelle!! You are so cute!! I am so happy for you two!! I know it wasn't easy but keep the faith and enjoy your new hubby and all the perks that come with being married! Love you guys!!!!

Jon and Tasha Fam said...

I am glad you guys got a place that's exciting. I hope you guys are having fun!!

jenni kaufusi said...

love yous!!!

Hayward Family said...

YAAAAAAAAYYYYY!!! Can't wait to come see your new dig! LOVE YOU!

Brian and Savannah said...

Yay, congratulations!!! That is so exciting and crazy. I swear you are still 14:)

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